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Single Origin 
Colombian Chocolate


LCacao is a Colombian Chocolate Maker of fine chocolates crafted at origin. Our products are made exclusively from direct sourced Cacao Fino de Aroma beans, a particular type of cocoa bean, classified by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), for its superior taste and diverse aroma.

We also specialize in the perfect balance between healthy ingredients with soothing chocolate flavors, by creating clean label, dairy-free, and sugar-free recipes.

In addition to origin and flavor profiles, we focus heavily on ethics and sustainability.

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Dairy-Free Chocolate Dark Couverture

We like to create new chocolates and chocolate products with changing trends and innovations. Our Dairy-Free Chocolate Ingredients, have a unique flavor that is due to the pureness of their origins, and balanced with coconut and almond milks. We concern ourselves with the quality of the fermentation process with an aim of reaching intense cocoa flavors, this carries through to the final chocolate product. These chocolate couvertures are perfect for use in very high-quality desserts, patisserie, and chocolates to create truly distinctive confections

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 Dairy-Free Chocolate White Couverture

We are passionate about chocolate and are always looking to innovate.  We also specialize in the perfect balance between healthy ingredients and that comforting flavor of chocolate.

We have curated a pallet of stunning natural colors, allowing you to make delicious and visually impressive creations, whether you are a chocolatier, a baker, or a chef.

Clean Label Sugar-Free

Lcacao offers, dark, milk and white chocolates without added sugar, opting instead for natural sweeteners that replace sugar,  such as  stevia and monk fruit. We have developed recipes with an enhanced chocolate taste and food that is good for you, all for a better nutritional profile.


Plantation Dark Chocolate Couverture 

Lcacao develops two unique plantation gourmet covertures, Ana Farm from Casanare, Colombia and Santa María from Boyacá, Colombia. When cocoa beans come from one plantation exclusively, they tell a fantastic story that starts with the beans and goes all the way through the journey to chocolate  of exceptional quality, derived from the environment where they were cultivated carrying through the flavor profiles from this land


Private Label

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Lcacao offers a wide range of healthy, yet tasty products that cover consumers' lifestyle choices. We can help you formulate, manufacture and design high-quality chocolate products following the trends of the dairy-free and sugar-free market, all with the characteristic flavor of single origin Colombian cacao beans, Cacao Fino de aroma.


We work with the drive, tradition, and dedication of the Colombian cocoa bean farmers, who with their daily work cultivate cocoa bean plants, with a robust body full of flavors, aromas, and nutrients.


In Colombia, we grow some of the finest varieties of cocoa beans in the world, beans that we at Lcacao buy in different regions of the country and transform into superior quality chocolate. Our chocolate to compete with the most recognized chocolates in the world, thanks to its purity and flavor.


Our products are based on a SUSTAINABLE production and development project, which focuses not only on producing premium quality chocolate, but on the development of cocoa beans trees and their families, in the production of better cocoa beans every day, with better processing processes. sowing and fermentation that allow us to compete in the most exclusive world stages of this category

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